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PANOLA COUNTY, Miss.– Panola County Sheriff’s deputies are performing welfare checks on the elderly to make sure they are safe during the dangerous heat wave.

The welfare checks are being conducted as part of their routine patrols and they are on the lookout for any sign that someone may need medical attention.

Panola County Deputy Roger Salter has no intention of letting anyone feel abandoned especially during these dangerous conditions.

“For some people, this may be the only contact they have today and some of the elderly, they feel like they’ve been abandoned,” Salter said.

Tuesday, he traveled the county’s back roads and stopped to check on several senior citizens.

Deputy Salter, who normally serves as Panola County’s School Resource Officer, sees these more as “heat checks” and is glad to hear when the elderly are taking it easy and playing it safe.

Salter said he’s glad to be a welcomed sight when he pulls into someone’s driveway and not to always be associated with bad news.

“It makes the job worthwhile to know I’m actually going to help somebody in the course of the day. That’s what we’re here for ‘to serve and protect,'” Salter said.

Barbara DeLoach, who’s caring for her 87-year-old mother, isn’t taking any chances.

“We had an episode where she became dehydrated and ended up in the hospital. So now I’m pushing water all day and keeping her in the cool,” DeLoach said.

Deputy Salter said he’s always looking out for the elderly and he doesn’t plan to let them fall victim to the heat.

If you’d like to have the name of an elderly relative or neighbor added to the Panola County Sheriff’s Department “heat check” list you can call (662)-487-1733 and provide their name and address.