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LEBANON, Tenn. (WKRN) — Dozens of animal were saved from a scene that sent chills up the backs of rescue crew members.

More than 30 animals were found living in filth in a Hardeman County trailer. Many are suffering serious medical problems.

“The conditions were horrible. There was no running water in the house. It was a trailer at the end of a kind of mud-rutted road. All the adults and the dogs were living in one room of the trailer, all sharing one bed, there was… the conditions were horrible,” said Michael Cunningham, Shelter Director for Animal Rescue Corps.

The same could be said with the conditions of all 33 animals recovered from the property as well.

“Some of the skinniest dogs I’ve ever seen that are still alive,” said Cunningham.

He said the cats and dogs are so sick they have to delay vaccinating them.

“We have to allow their body a time to recover a little bit from all of this before we start introducing vaccinations,” he explained.

The scene inside the trailer hard to take in for the animal rescue volunteers.

“People are living in a house with 29 dogs sharing a bed. Everybody lives, all the adults, all the dogs living in one room that is filled with feces,” he said.

Cunningham said a neighbor tipped off authorities to the situation leading to the rescue.

If you can help volunteer or donate to the cause, you can contact the Animal Rescue Corps in Lebanon by emailing or visit their website at this link.