MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A suspect surrendered to cheers in Blytheville, Arkansas after being holed up inside his home for hours. Witnesses said they are happy the standoff ended without police having to use deadly force.

Wednesday morning, an hours-long standoff in Blytheville came to a peaceful resolution when the suspect surrendered.

A small crowd gathered in the parking lot of a gas station near Main Street after 38-year-old Daniel Smith barricaded himself inside of his home after a dispute with his wife.

Blytheville police and SWAT surrounded the home – Smith’s father said when he found out what was going on he went to try and help his son.

“Thing that really hurt me is when I looked on top of the garage it was a sharpshooter up there and when those guys come they ready to take care of business,” Pastor Curtis Smith said.

He said he tried to talk to his son but police would not let him.

Instead, they relayed the message: “They got on the mic and they did said that your father is out here, and family members that is concerned about you out here,” Smith’s father said.

Smith surrendered around 10:30 a.m.

People who witnessed the standoff said they are happy it ended peacefully.

“My mind went to please don’t let anybody get hurt, please let this situation be resolved peacefully in a matter where our city is not torn apart because of racial injustice or anything with the police,” Tonya Osagie said, a bystander during the standoff.

“We were yelling keep your hands up, keep your hands up, and he cooperated, he came and sat on the step, I didn’t see no roughness and they walked him to the squad car,” Osagie said.

We tried to speak with Blytheville’s police chief about the standoff but after waiting a few hours outside the station we were told that he was not available.