MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency is warning residents and tourists to be vigilant after a black bear was found dead inside a vehicle in Sevierville, Tennessee.

A wildlife officer said the car’s owner left their cabin in a different vehicle around 10 a.m. and when they returned around 6:45 p.m., they found a bear dead inside their other vehicle.

The Wildlife Resources Agency said the bear appeared to enter the vehicle using its paws or teeth to open an unlocked door. Once inside, the bear was trapped once the door closed.

Officers from the TNWRA said the heat likely killed the bear as the outside temperatures were over 95 degrees, meaning the interior of the vehicle could have reached over 140 degrees.

TNWRA officials remind people that, “Bears have noses 7 times better than a bloodhound and can smell even the faintest odor of food inside a vehicle.”

They encourage people to lock your doors, roll up your windows, and never leave food or things that smell like food inside a vehicle that could potentially attract bears.