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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Get ready, shoppers. This weekend is a back-to-school sales tax holiday in Tennessee and Mississippi.

In Mississippi, the sales tax holiday started at 12:01 a.m. Friday and will run through midnight Saturday.

The sales tax holiday will apply to purchases of clothing, footwear and school supplies with sale prices of less than $100.

Many schools have already put out their list of needed supplies. Parents are checking it twice, as are students.

“Like backpacks. Getting all the organizing stuff,” said fifth grader Carter Trimbli.

For complete details and a list of eligible items, click here.

Tennessee is starting a sales tax-free weekend that covers back-to-school needs such as clothing, school supplies and computers.

The sales tax holiday runs from Friday through Sunday.

Hours into Tennessee’s tax free weekend, shoppers at the Target Store on Colonial are perusing the back-to-school aisles.

“There’s so much going on right now, it’s nice to have a break with money and find a way to bargain shop for a minute,” said parent Angela Reynolds.

It includes general clothing items that cost less than $100 each. School and art supplies that cost less than $100 an item also are covered. Computers, including laptops, are included if they cost $1,500 or less. Shoppers can save online and in stores.

It’s a bonanza for teacher assistants like Chrystal Edmonds, who is trying to help stock her classroom.

“I hope people are taking advantage of it,” Edmonds said. “I know many teachers are getting extra things to have for the classroom and taking advantage of it like pencils and paper. So, hopefully, it’ll help a lot of people get what they need to make it through the school year.”

More details on Tennessee’s sales tax holiday can be found here.

Two other sales tax holidays are occurring in Tennessee. A grocery sales tax suspension lasts for all of August. The exemption for gun safes and safety devices began this month and runs through June 2023.

At a time when it seems everything is going up, having a little bit of savings can help.

“I’m noticing a lot of stuff is a lot more expensive this year. Which goes back to your tax free,” Reynolds said. “It’s just nice to be able to save some money here. But binders and paper and everything on their list they’re supposed to get.”

For Arkansas shoppers, that state’s back-to-school sales tax holiday will be next Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 6 and 7. It will also include clothing, electronics and school supplies.

It’s a great time to stock up.

“Yes, it helps,” Edmonds said. “Every little bit helps, especially today.”

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