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MEMPHIS, Tenn. —  In Arkansas, recreational marijuana was one of the issues driving voters to the polls and like many drug campaigns in the past – voters just said no.

Some marijuana advocates say this decision could cost Arkansas millions in the long run.

The Natural State already brings in tens of millions of dollars each year from its medical marijuana program. It looks like that will be the only tax revenue from sales of the drug for now.

Over 50% of voters rejected recreational cannabis.

In recent weeks, several groups and politicians had come out against the measure.. including governor Asa Hutchinson, Senator Tom Cotton, and the state’s new governor-elect, Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Proponents argued that lifting the medical restrictions for the drug would help more people with health problems, create new jobs, and help keep non-violent drug offenders out of jail.

“We have so many people incarcerated just for the simple possession of it. you know, a gram or some small amount.  these people should be released immediately,” Timothy Moore said.

In the end, voters rejected those arguments.

Despite this latest loss, some advocates are already planning to make another push toward legalization.