TRUMANN, Ark.– An Arkansas fire chief is now on paid administrative leave after an argument with neighbors that went viral on video, according to Trumann Mayor Barbara Lewallen.

Trumann’s Fire Chief Revis Kemper is accused of fanning the flames from his own front yard.
A video circulating online appears to show Kemper and his wife involved in an altercation with a couple that lives next door.

“He called me names and a bunch of stuff I’m not even gone comment on,” said an anonymous neighbor.

WREG does not have permission to show the video, but we were able to review it. The video shows two couples arguing before things got physical.

Kemper’s neighbor in the video, who wishes to remain anonymous, said this all started because Kemper’s wife was upset about a loud gathering the night before.

“They hollering and cussing at her and everything from the night before because our kids had a bonfire,” said the neighbor.

He said his children apologized, but the tensions kept boiling which led to the punching and kicking caught on camera the next day.

“I walk out there in the yard and Revis walks out he’s raising Cain wanting to fight. He pushes me and then my wife gets in the way and his wife hits her and that’s how they end up in the fight,” said the neighbor.

Mayor Barbara Lewallen wouldn’t say much about the investigation but confirmed to WREG that Chief Kemper is on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

We did stop by Kemper’s home but no one was available. His attorney Scott Troutt sent this statement:

“We look forward to vigorously defending the charge and otherwise have no comment at this time.”

We’ve reached out to learn more about the pending charges.