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CROSS COUNTY, Ark. (WREG) — A Cross County, Arkansas deputy is lucky to be alive after being dragged by a vehicle in an Exxon gas station following a traffic stop Tuesday night.

It happened in Cherry Valley north of Wynne, but it didn’t end there. The driver then led officers on a three-county chase all the way to Jonesboro, Arkansas. The jeep with obvious damage to the driver’s side front door was seen racing through Jonesboro.

It started when a deputy attempted to place the driver of the Jeep under arrest. The deputy was standing by the open driver’s door when the driver put the Jeep in reverse, dragging the deputy across the parking lot and into a vehicle at one of the gas pumps.

The impact was so powerful it left the Jeep’s front door hanging open. The driver then led police through Cross County, in and out of Poinsett County, and into Craighead County where Jonesboro Police picked up the vehicle on their traffic cameras.

WREG was told the driver of the Jeep managed to get away from his pursuers, but the vehicle was later found on the south side of Jonesboro.

Natalie Burns, who lives near the Exxon station, missed the dangerous incident by moments.

“They had the area all taped off, and it was like I said, it was chaotic,” Burns said. “It was scary, and they were here for a while.”

Cross County investigators were back at the Exxon reviewing security camera video. According to the Cross County Sheriff, the owner of the Jeep is in custody, but the driver of the Jeep has not been apprehended.

The Sheriff would not release the names of the suspects or charges pending against them.