CROSS COUNTY, Ark. (WREG)— Arkansas State Police are investigating after a suspect was killed, and another was wounded after a pursuit that crossed three counties Wednesday.

According to state police, a man and woman wanted in connection to a shooting in Etowah County, Alabama, led deputies on a chase that began in Crittenden County, crossed into Poinsett County, and ended in Cross County.

Leigh Ann Snyder, who lives nearby, said she saw squad cars lined a mile long.

“I was going to work and got stopped about 6 o’clock in the morning and was turned around by a Poinsett County deputy,” she said.

Deputies deployed spike strips on Highway 75 to stop the suspects.

“We had everything locked down because we had no clue,” Snyder said. “All I saw was a white car being loaded on to a wrecker and a county deputy truck being loaded on a wrecker.”

The suspects, identified as 54-year-old William Burchett and 47-year-old Tammi Naler, then fired shots at officers. The officers returned fire, striking Burchett and Naler.

Arkansas State Police said Naler died from her injuries. Burchett, who is wanted for shooting his mother in Alabama, was wounded and transferred to St. Bernards Medical Center in Jonesboro.

Deputies from Crittenden, Poinsett, and Cross counties were involved in the incident but not injured. It’s unclear which agencies fired shots.

No state troopers were involved in the incident.

Naler was transported to the state crime laboratory, where the manner and cause of death will be determined. But for Snyder, this incident has left her feeling uneasy while traveling the country roads she usually finds comforting.

“It scares you. It does because things aren’t like they were when I was a kid, you know? You can’t trust anybody anymore,” Snyder said. “You can’t even stop and help someone because you’re scared you’re going to get shot.”

Arkansas State Police said the case file will be presented to the prosecuting attorney who will determine if deadly force used by the officers aligns with state law.