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BRAGADOCCIO, Mo. — A Missouri family is coping with the loss of a child and two family members fighting for their lives after a tornado swept through their home over the weekend.

Friends of the Rackley family gathered Tuesday at what is left of the home in Braggadocio, Missouri, about seven miles west of Caruthersville. They came to help in any way they could, gathering family mementoes and cutting fallen trees into manageable size.

Remains of the Rackley’s family house

Despite the efforts, there’s nothing that can bring back nine-year-old Annistyn Rackley who was killed when a tornado leveled into her home Friday night. Annistyn was killed, one of her sisters has a broken back and is in Le Bonheur, and her other sister has been released from the hospital.

“I was flying around in the tornado and I prayed to Jesus to take care of me, and He spit me out,” one of the sisters said. “The tornado spit me out into the mud.”

Trey Rackley is out of the hospital, but his wife Megan is listed as being in catastrophic condition with brain injury, broken bones and collapsed lungs.

Rackley family

A co-worker of Megan Rackley and branch manager of Caruthersville Bank of Missouri, Christy Slack, has established a fund at the bank for bank members and nonmembers in the names of Megan and Trey Rackley.

“Noncustomers can call in and use a debit card or a credit card,” Christy Slack said. They can also stop by any of the branch locations, any of the Bank of Missouri locations throughout the State of Missouri, and they can also mail in donations.”

Donations can be mailed to The Caruthersville branch of the Bank of Missouri at the address below.

1209 West Third Street

Caruthersville, MO 63830