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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Animal Rescue Corps said they have rescued 10 dogs and more than 27 cats from a property in Trenton, Tennessee after the owner died.

The organization said the family could not find a humane solution because local animal services were insufficient.

The Animal Rescue Corps said they found several animals in unsanitary and inhumane living conditions, and found a dog dead inside the property. The ARC said that many of the animals are suffering from a wide range of medical issues and will require veterinary attention.

See photos here. WARNING: photos show animal cruelty

The Animal Rescue Corps said there was no power or water on the property at the time, and they had to work quickly given cold temperatures.

ARC said they began this rescue mission, called Operation Better Days, when someone contacted them after visiting the property.

The Animal Rescue Corps said all of the animals have been transported to Lebanon, Tennessee for veterinary care. ARC said if anyone is interested in fostering or adopting, they could visit rescue placement partners on their Facebook page.

Trenton is about 100 miles northeast of Memphis.