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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Two people were charged early Tuesday morning after nearly 34 pounds of marijuana were seized at the Nashville International Airport (BNA).

Metro police said just before midnight, they assisted airport police as a narcotics K-9 was deployed. The K-9 then reportedly alerted officers to two suitcases from Southwest Airlines flight #1890 that arrived from Los Angeles (LAX).

The suitcases were then placed onto bag belt #2, and detectives in plain clothes waited for Laterris Drake Jr., 19, and Jordan Pritchett, 18, to claim them.

Officers then checked the bags and in both, police said they found white t-shirts wet with rubbing alcohol, and several vacuum-sealed bags of marijuana inside weighing 17 pounds.

In total, officers said they recovered 34 pounds of marijuana from both bags.