SOUTHAVEN, Miss. — After a collaborative effort between multiple agencies, three people are facing charges in connection to the shooting death of Southaven teenager, Keon Kirk Jr.

This comes after a double shooting that took place at the Luxe Apartments in Southaven last week, which killed Kirk and injured one other person in an alleged attempted robbery.

“It was a tragedy and they worked diligently to get this information,” said Bob Morris, Desoto County District Attorney. “If you wanna bring a gun into a robbery and act like an adult, you’re gonna get charged like an adult.”

Morris said the trio all had a different level of involvement but felt it was necessary for them to be charged with capital murder, conspiracy to commit capital murder, and attempted murder.

“The only way that we can deter gun crime in this county is to convict these individuals as we proceed through these trials and obtain maximum sentences that send the message that if you’re gonna think about crime in this county, you should reconsider it,” Morris said.

Morris declined to say how the suspects are connected to Kirk, identify them, or even provide their ages but he did describe them as young.

In an effort to address juvenile crime, he believes it’s important offenders face maximum sentences, even if it means the possibility of the death penalty.

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“I’m an advocate for the victims and the citizens, so when people wanna say, ‘oh that’s a harsh penalty for someone so young to have committed murder,’ I say harsh is for the jury to decide,” Morris said. “My sympathy is with the victims.”

As for the other person shot, they remain in the hospital.

Investigators are still working to determine if others may have been involved.