Mid-South World War II veteran celebrates 99th birthday


OLIVE BRANCH, Miss. — A World War II veteran celebrated in a big way Saturday morning in honor of his 99th birthday.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, K.T. Robbins’ friends and family had to put into play something that’s becoming the new norm.

With engines roaring and a long line on vehicles stretching down the Olive Branch street, the 99th birthday celebration was underway.

“I never imagined it would be like this,” World War II veteran Robbins said.

A local group, Forever Young Veterans, helped Robbins reunite with his first love, Jeannine Ganaye, last year—75 years after they met in France.

“He was in World War II, in Normandy,” Patriot Guard rider Santa Bob Klause said. “He met a sweetheart there. From what I understand, she actually waited five years for him to return, which he was not able to, but last year he went back to Normandy and found his girlfriend of 75 years.”

Robbins said the drive-thru parade was yet another moment he will not soon forget.

The honking horns, waves of excitement and constant cheers were all for a man who said he embraces this new norm.

This birthday parade was something special and unique; it was a celebration convoy and a show of support for a true American hero.

Robbins said he has stayed in contact with his long-lost love Jeaninne by way of the internet.

K.T. Robbins of Olive Branch., Mississippi, was reunited with Jeannine Ganaye, the woman he met in France during World War II.

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