Mid-South woman gives strong message to people about COVID-19, after two of her brothers died from the virus 10 days apart


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Mid-South family is experiencing unimaginable grief. They lost two brothers just ten days apart from COVID-19, this as their sister deals with lingering effects from her own positive diagnosis.

It is a tough time for Jency Gatewood and her entire family. She said her brother Curtis Roberts went to the hospital for a minor surgery, and he was released and died days later, after testing positive for COVID-19.

“These few weeks have been a bit of a struggle,” Gatewood said. “This COVID-19 is very serious.  “I didn’t understand where he could have possibly gotten COVID-19 because he had not been around anybody.”

Gatewood said her brother had to test negative for his surgery.

But things did not stop there for this family, Gatewood was the next to test positive for COVID-19. Then her oldest brother Octava Humes who ended up in the hospital until he also died.

Gatewood is now trying to make sense of it all.

“To lose them like that in such a short time is very devastating for this family,” Gatewood said.

Gatewood is suffering from breathing issues since her COVID-19 diagnoses, now she is trying to deal with that and plan two funerals for her brothers. Additionally, she is doing all of this as we are approaching the holiday season.

Now, Gatewood has a strong message for everyone in the Mid-South.

“Covid-19 is a very serious thing people put masks on, wash your hands, keep that social distance,” Gatewood said. “Then all of a sudden it will hit you and then you may not make it. But I was a blessed person.”

The family will bury their oldest brother Wednesday in a graveside service only to adhere to the COVID-19 restrictions.

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