Mid-South Stores Slammed As People Prepare for Another Winter Storm

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(Memphis) Mid-Southerners are preparing for another cold snap. Sunday, thousands flocked to hardware and grocery stores to stock up on supplies.

Employees at a Home Depot in Midtown said rock salt, windshield de-icer and pipe insulation flew off the shelves.

“I bought pipe insulation to make sure they don’t freeze,” said Cesar Pita from Memphis.

The chaos stretched to Shouthaven where families flocked to the grocery stores.

“We’ve already got the groceries. We didn’t realize it was going to be crowded as it was. It was packed! I think we got the last bread,” said Lesia Coleman.

While road crews in Arkansas and Tennessee spent Sunday coating highways with a brine mix, Mississippi Department of Transportation did not prep the roads. IT said they have crews on stand-by ready to salt the interstates through Wednesday when the winter storm leaves our area.

Thousands across the Mid-South battled power outages last week, and could fight them again. Utility companies are on standby.

Entergy said it has close to 150 workers ready to go, and additional crews from Texas and Louisiana offered to help if it gets bad.

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