Mid-South residents preparing for third round of dangerous weather


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — People across the Mid South are hunkering down in their homes preparing to ride out a third round of treacherous weather Wednesday. Travel will be very dangerous. Stores like Kroger and Cash Saver closed early at 6pm Tuesday with many customers rushing in at the last minute. 

Carrie Turner went to the Midtown Cash Saver. 

“I barely found bread so everybody’s getting stocked up,” she said, “The shelves are getting empty.”

Angela Odum and Chris Hart bought what they could then pushed two loaded carts through a parking lot that looked more like a frozen tundra. 

“Ooh. I’m tired,” Odum said.

It was a trek she had to make for her four young children.

“I’m just making sure they have enough to eat,” Odum said.

Keisha Jackson did the same for her five children.

“We got two more stores to stop at and we on our way in,” she said, “(We are) loaded.”

State, county and city emergency crews are salting and plowing roads hoping to stop Wednesday’s snow and ice from piling on top of what’s already on the ground.

Luther King runs a lawn service in Memphis. He’s spent the last two days clearing driveways and parking lots.

“I went through 208 bags of salt yesterday,” he said.

It was his entire supply except for one final bag he used this afternoon when he cleared the driveway of an elderly client in South Memphis. Her husband is blind and trying to make a crucial doctor’s appointment Wednesday morning. 

“MATA picks him up tomorrow,” King said, “So, she needed the driveway cleaned out so she can have the bus come up and he can walk up and down.”

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