Mid-South men accused of robbing, carjacking Lyft driver in North Memphis


MEMPHIS, Tenn. —  Two Mid-South men were taken into custody after police say they robbed and carjacked a Lyft driver in North Memphis.

Lest Freeman, 21, and Lanarious Freeman, 18, were both charged with carjacking, aggravated robbery and possession of a firearm after they were arrested on January 1.

The Lyft driver told authorities he had just given the men a ride to their home in the 900 block of North Second Street when Lanarious Freeman began choking him. The other pulled out a gun and demanded his money.

When the man began struggling, Lest Freeman allegedly began hitting him in the head and face with the weapon. He then took the man’s wallet and phone before the victim was able to escape and run for help.

A horse carriage driver helped get the victim to safety. That carriage driver didn’t want to be identified but says he knew the victim was in trouble.

“I just told him to hop in and come on. He told me they had guns,” the carriage driver said.

Both suspects took off with the victim’s 2015 Ford Fiesta, police said.

Thirty minutes later, responding officers located the suspects at a gas station on Thomas Street. They said Lanarious Freeman was still in the car when they approached, but Lest Freeman was inside apparently trying to use the victim’s stolen bank cards.

Both men reportedly admitted to their roles in the carjacking. Lest was in court on Thursday and Lanarious will go before a judge on Monday.

The Lyft driver’s family says he is still recovering from his injuries.


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