Arkansas man charged after investigators determine Cross County woman didn’t commit suicide


CROSS COUNTY, Ark. — An Arkansas man was arrested over the weekend after authorities say he confessed to causing the death of a woman who was believed to have committed suicide back in 2017.

In September 2020, agents with the Cross County Sheriff’s Department, Wynne Police Department and Arkansas State Police obtained a search warrant for a home on Highway 1 South.

Authorities didn’t say what the latest case was about, but said while working on it they came across information that Rhonda Linsley had committed suicide in the home in 2017. Investigators quickly found discrepancies in the case and began digging further into the woman’s death.

The evidence reportedly led them to Benny Melton. Police said he was interviewed and confessed to causing Lindley’s death. He was arrested Sunday and charged with second-degree murder.

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