Mid-South lawmaker among those on ball field during Virginia shooting


Rep. Trent Kelly. Photo: U.S. House of Representatives

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HERNANDO, Miss. — Mississippi Congressman Trent Kelly was in the thick of the action but escaped the gunfire on the ball field in Virginia Wednesday morning.

His comments about the harrowing experience coming via Twitter tell his followers, "I am safe. We continue to pray for my colleagues and their families."

"It could happen any place, any time the way the world seems today with shootings," Hernando businessman Jim Amos said.

In Hernando, where Rep. Kelly has a field office on the town square, there's shock that the lawmaker, whom many have met, had such a close call.

"That was terrible. I mean this is terrible. In other words, I mean nobody can go anywhere anymore without being safe. I mean you can't be safe any more. There is no safe," W.L. Rich of Senatobia said.

But other lawmakers on the ball field with Kelly talked about how close they came to being shot himself.

"It was constant, so I actually ran and jumped in the dugout. That's when I got scuffed up," Tennessee Rep. Chuck Fleischmann said. "And when I got in the dugout, we realized the shooter was still active. There was a child in the dugout because children come out and watch us play. The children were secured."

Fleischmann is from east Tennessee.

Congressman Kelly was back at work Wednesday afternoon attending committee meetings, tweeting, "I, we the Congress, we the people of this great nation will not be intimidated by cowards. We will continue to do the people's work.

Kelly's close friend talked about how close a call this was.

"He was the closest person to the shooter. So he was targeted first and by the grace of God he was missed," South Carolina Rep. Jeff Duncan said. "And he zig-zagged across the field as the guy continued to shoot, and he saw the whip, Steve Scalise, get hit. I don't think you'll ever, and this guy fought in Iraq, he's a war veteran and an active duty national guardsman from Mississippi. He's faced fire before but not in a baseball uniform. Not in a peaceful setting practicing the American sport of baseball."

"We represent great people everyday in the country on both sides of the aisle. I just hope and pray we see better days for America," Fleischmann said.

No word on exactly when Kelly will be back in Mississippi. His staff says he usually returns on weekends and around his guard duty.

As for when he will give interviews about today, they say give him time as this is a lot to digest.


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