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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — In a time when people are losing so much due to COVID-19, counselors say that makes the grieving process harder.

“We really wanted to help avoid the isolation of grief,” said Angela Hamblen Kelly with Baptist Centers for Good Grief. “Grief is already extremely isolating, so we wanted to give families the opportunities to keep sharing and working on their grief but then also connecting with other families and seeing they’re not alone.”

As we all practice social distancing the center is turning to social media, holding virtual grief sessions on Facebook Live.

A counselor hosts the free interactive sessions focusing on topics about grief and ways to cope. It’s face-to-face help available to all ages.

“We have children as young as five-years-old that we see and they really need to be able to see us. It provides them a sense of normalcy.”

Normalcy. It’s about as much needed as people try to make sense of losing loved ones due to coronavirus.

“What if somebody else in my family dies and with grief being saturated everywhere right now in the media, it’s really giving them a space to process that fear.”

The sessions also allow you to process other losses you may be grieving.

“Now in the midst of this pandemic there are many other secondary losses meaning a loss of routine, a loss of schedule.”

“We’re not in normal days right now and it’s just really important to have a platform to have someone to express yourself with and be honest and real.”

The sessions are every Monday and Wednesday at 1 p.m. On Fridays the center hosts a “Good Grief Friday Creative Challenge” encouraging people to get hands on in expressing their grief.