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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Showers and thunderstorms, with some turning severe, are in the forecast for parts of the Mid-South this weekend.

When the roads are wet, that’s when driving can turn dangerous, if not deadly. According to the U.S Department of Transportation, wet roads cause more car accidents annually than other weather conditions.  So, officials are reminding people to take it slow, ahead of this weekend’s severe weather.

Motorist across the area say they try their best to take it slow, if they have to go out when the weather turns for the worse.

“If it’s raining really hard, I go really really slow,” said Ron Redwing, a motorist.

Triple A agrees. In fact, the American Automobile Association says you must change your driving style in the rain. But it’s not just the wet streets, but also the strong wind that causes driving to become riskier.

“I used to live in Miami and it got really bad, and I would just pull over to the safest spot I could and just wait a while,” said Mary, a motorist.

Mary, who’s from Florida, says she knows the importance of decreasing her speed in wet conditions. Additionally, she says it is also important to put extra space between yourself and other drivers and turning on your headlights, to make yourself more visible.   

Also, Mary says it is just as important being attentive at all times, when you are behind the wheel.

“If my phone rings while I’m driving, I don’t answer it. I don’t look at text like that or anything like that,” said Mary.

Here’s something you may not have known, water 12 inches high can move a small vehicle two feet and can actually dislodge and move other vehicles, which is why drivers have to be especially careful during heavy rain.