Methodist Le Bonheur hospital chaplain launches 24/7 spiritual care hotline

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A local hospital launched a new way to offer spiritual support for not only its patients, but its workers also.

Within Methodist Le Bonheur hospitals, there are those tending to emotional and spiritual needs.

Hospital chaplains used to knock on doors and sit by a bedside, but now due to COVID-19, they’ve had to adapt.

“In COVID, that’s not always possible,” Rev. Dr. Stacy Smith said. “Patients can’t always see their family members, and sometimes in unique cases, the chaplain isn’t always allowed into the room with patients.”

Smith put together a spiritual care hotline that’s available 24/7 to offer prayers, lend an ear or just let the patient know they are not alone.

There are separate hotlines for adults and pediatric patients.

“We know that providing spiritual care, especially in Memphis where a lot of people are very religious, especially during this really difficult time, it’s one of the most important things we can do,” Smith said.

Smith said the hotline is also there for family and loved ones and to take care of the caregivers.

“Obviously, we know that our associates are going through an unbelievably stressful time,” Smith said. “They can call in at any time.”

They’ve found a new way to continue offering support in a time so many need it.

“We need to keep everything clean,” Smith said. “We need to keep everyone safe. We need to provide the best care for our patients, but for our patients the best care always includes spiritual care.”

Right now, all calls are on the telephone, but in the future, they may look at video calls. 

For adult spiritual care, call 901-516-7877. For pediatric spiritual care, call 901-297-2388.

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