Meth, marijuana, rolling papers, more found in man's body at 201 Poplar

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis man is facing a series of charges after he was caught carrying drugs in his rectum and pubic area Monday at the Shelby County Criminal Justice Center.

Brandon Finnie was at 201 Poplar because his bond was being revoked. He was searched in the Division 3 Criminal Court, and officers found cigarettes and a lighter on him in the court room.

He was later taken to the jail tunnel and searched again. Officers did a strip search and found multiple drugs including methamphetamine, marijuana, a glass pipe, rolling papers and Lyrica in his rectum. Tobacco, another lighter and Narcan were found in his pubic area.

It’s a story that may sound funny when you hear it, but Finnie’s family members said it highlights a serious issue. They said he is struggling with drug addiction.

His mom Janice said it started two years ago, and she said sitting in a cell won’t help her son get better.

“I’m hoping the judge will see that he needs to be in a program,” she said. ” If he needs to go two or three years, put him there because he need it. Those drugs is serious what he’s on. I hate to see my child face, eating his skin and stuff up, you know? I’m just tired of it because it hurts me so bad.”

Finnie is scheduled to return to court Thursday.

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