Men suspected of illegally selling fireworks call it a ‘giveaway’

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Two men accused of illegally selling fireworks claim they were giving away fireworks, not actually selling them.

“We don’t want to talk! We don’t have to talk to y’all!” one man said to WREG.

However, they spoke with people on social media Tuesday, telling them to “come shop.”

The two allegedly handled dozens of boxes of fireworks behind a building off Overton Crossing in Frayser.

WREG asked the men if they knew it was illegal to sell fireworks in Memphis, but they claimed it was a giveaway.

It is also illegal to set off fireworks in Memphis, but police have received more than 230 fireworks complaints since June 18.

Pastor Charlie Caswell is a leader within the Frayser community and said he does not want anyone selling fireworks there or anywhere else in Memphis.

“Maybe that they’re trying to make some cash, but it is illegal,” Pastor Caswell said. “I mean, (fireworks) can kill. It might kill somebody you know.”

Caswell understands fireworks look fun but wants everyone to listen to his warning.

“They are dangerous, and then it’s like if you just put it in the hands of a child, and they don’t know what that thing is, easily it can explode in the hands of that child,” Caswell said. “It can explode in that child’s face. I heard about one person, a sparkler went in her child’s mouth.”

Anyone caught selling or setting off fireworks in Memphis can get a citation.

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