Memphis woman’s yard sliding into drainage ditch in Parkway Village

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. – A woman’s backyard is literally sliding away because of a sinkhole, and now the city has gotten involved.

Hannah Saul has lived in her home on Scottsdale Avenue in Parkway Village for 13 years.

“I love it here,” Saul said.

But last February, the illusion of a perfect home and perfect backyard began disappearing before her eyes when a hole appeared in her yard.

The hole gradually expanded until a large part of her yard running along a drainage ditch had been swallowed.

“As it rain, it’s getting worse and worse and worse,” Saul said.

The city confirms its drain maintenance crews are “addressing an issue,” but they didn’t specify what the problem is or what they’re doing to fix it.

Saul says the rocks that have been left in her yard hold the answers.

“They’ve been filling rocks this week to try to, you know, keep the yard from sliding into the ditch,” she said.

Saul says the city told her the hole would be fixed by August.

WREG reached out to the city and asked for a timetable, but they wouldn’t provide one.

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