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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A concerned Memphis woman wants to warn others after she believes she potentially could've fallen victim to imposters.

She says two men that knocked on her door saying they worked for AT&T.

She does not believe they were telling the truth, but thankfully she thought quickly.

Marie Hughes-Wiggins has a message after she says she felt, "Suspicious. I was very suspicious."

It was last week when Hughes-Wiggins said, "Two guys knocked on the door and said they were from AT&T ."

They said they were checking on the U-verse in the area and wanted to make sure hers was working OK.

Why was Wiggins so surprised? It was the timing.

"It was 8:30 at night," she said.

She was also confused at what part of the house they decided to knock.

"They came to the back door. They didn't come to the front," Hughes-Wiggins said.

She didn’t open the door fully, and there was a storm door separating her from the men as well.

She also said she could only make out lanyards around their necks, but couldn’t exactly see any AT&T logos.

She called AT&T and eventually got in touch with someone.

"They said they did not have anybody in the area at that time of night," Hughes-Wiggins said.

She also called police.

Officers came out and said she did the right thing.

"They told me they were going to see if they could see anybody with that description."

Hughes-Wiggins said she takes measures to protect herself.

"I was concerned, because there's a lot of senior citizens that live in that area. I was hoping that they didn't get in on anybody."

Whether it was an innocent knock or not, she wants to make others aware.

"Be aware when you answer the door at night, because you never know who is on the other side."

In a statement, AT&T says "We use door-to-door sales representatives to see if people are interested in our popular services when it's available in their neighborhood."

Their authorized door-to-door representatives:

  • Wear a visible badge that displays the vendor company name listing them as an “Authorized Solution Provider.” This is displayed in close proximity to our logo.
  • Carry a letter from our local market manager, which is made available upon request from the resident. The letter confirms that the agent is working on behalf of our campaign, their vendor company name and it includes contact information for the local market manager.
  • Have general our sales collateral.
  • Often carry an tablet that completes our sales transactions. The potential customer can enter their contact information on this tablet as needed.

AT&T also said, "A consumer who has questions about a door-to-door representative at their door can ask for identification, call our offices at 800-288-2020 to confirm, or simply not answer the door."

We also reached out to Memphis Police but have not heard back.

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