Memphis woman uses social media to bring light to city’s pothole problem

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis woman came up with a creative way to get the city’s attention.

It’s a rocky-ride and that’s just with two wheels.

“I’m just going to get on my bike and I’m going to record the whole thing. It’s only .6 of a mile,” resident Melody Birdsong said.

She says the potholes on Van Der Veer and Dromedary Road are getting harder to miss.

“I’m tired of driving over it everyday. What does it take?”

Birdsong says she’s also tired of making reports via apps, emails and phone calls. She’s so fed up she’s strapped on her bike helmet to show the city just how many bumps are out there.

“You are dodging potholes. You don’t know if it’s raining, if it’s going to be a puddle or a pothole.”

She put her bike ride on Facebook and the plan was just to see where it goes. The mayor’s office responded saying street maintenance crews will review the roads.

But Birdsong is still waiting on the holes to disappear.

“I’m going to use social media as a platform.”

She’s taking her fight to fix the streets to Twitter next. And Birdsong says, she’ll keep rolling until things get better.

The mayor’s office also says previous years of low-funding has given the city a backlog, but it’s working to get the problems fixed.


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