Memphis woman starts her own calendar business after battling COVID-19


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The pandemic has been hard for all of us, but one woman says COVID 19 actually helped her become more compassionate like never before.

It wasn’t long ago when Nyke Latrice was battling COVID-19. Even after the virus left her system, there’s still the aftermath.

“Because I have asthma, it’s really bad for me,” Latrice said.

This mother of a University of Memphis football standout and a daughter attending Belmont says prayers and hitting the pause button have allowed her to restart and feel reenergized.

That includes reigniting a dream deferred. It was during this pandemic when this dream really took shape.

“This life doesn’t come with a manual, it doesn’t come with a book, but it can come with your sister-girl Nyke,” Latrice said. “We can support each other, like hey, ‘let me uplift you.'”

And that’s exactly what she’s doing, in the form of something that’s tangible and timeless: the calendar offering those words of encouragement we can all use all the time.

“‘I am a queen, raising a future queen.’ That’s dedicated to my daughter,” Latrice said. “Or, ‘Nothing beats a failure but a try, because we are still trying in this thing called life.'”

The idea and effort for this project began seven years ago, but it was during the onset of the coronavirus that really pushed the mother of two to motivate others to keep going in spite of obstacles, to include the ongoing pandemic.

The fruition of seeing a project a long time in the making was emotional, coupled with excitement Latrice calls “personally purposeful.”

“You are strength, you are power,” Latrice said. “I need you to tap into that power, that unknown power you probably don’t even know you have.”

It’s not enough for Latrice to inspire. Instead, she wants you, too, to face and embrace life’s unpredictability.

“And it comes with a cute little mirror, because my goal is for you to face yourself while you are reading your affirmations,” Latrice said.

You’ll hear Latrice say she is doing everything she can to remain healthy, while also continuing to help others.

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