Memphis woman shot at while trying to retrieve stolen car

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis woman took matters into her own hands when someone drove off in her car outside an Orange Mound market.

Bianca Cage admitted her aunt didn’t make the best decision when she left her car running outside the Orange Mound convenience store. But she said when she drove to Quick Check Foods to pick up her aunt, she was intent on helping her find the vehicle and the people who took it.

“They took her car around 3:45, I picked her up around 4, and we drove around until 7,” Cage said.

They were about to call it a night when they spotted the 2004 maroon Nissan Maxima at an apartment complex on Barron, about a mile and a half from the store.

She said they began following the car and even chasing it, but they backed off and called police when the three people inside started shooting at them.

Cage said they got off about six shots.

“The house they parked next to, they hit the house — a bullet went through the house,” she said.

Police recovered the stolen car at another apartment complex nearby, and after looking over surveillance video and lifting prints, police arrested Gregory Dunlap.

Investigators said they also found guns matching the shell casings at the scene under Dunlap’s couch.

Elviry Love said she knew what she and her niece did was dangerous.

“I know we both did a thing that wasn’t supposed to be done,” Love said.

But she’s grateful for her niece’s help and is relieved at least one person is in custody.

“It was more anger because someone was taking something that didn’t belong to them,” Love said.

Dunlap is facing several charges including aggravated assault, theft and being convicted felon in possession of a firearm.

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