Memphis woman frustrated when insurance declines to cover hole in ceiling

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Binghampton woman is looking for help after her home’s ceiling collapsed. Thankfully she wasn't injured, but she said her insurance company refuses to pay up.

Jacquelyn Webb has lived in her home for most her life, but now she's living with her mother after her bedroom ceiling collapsed.

"It's just a disaster in that room," Webb said.

Her once-clean room is now covered with sheet rock and insulation. Her clothes are ruined, and her ceiling fan dangles by a few cords. She said this is due to water damage, but her insurance company said otherwise.

"He automatically denied the claim," Webb said. "He just came out, looked, didn't do anything. Barely took pictures."

Webb said this all started last month. When she saw the mess, she immediately called Allstate, her insurance company of 52 years.

"I said, 'No, I didn't see any water,'" Webb said. "And just because I said I didn't see any water, he automatically said we have to deny the claim."

She said this is her second run-in with Allstate. She said earlier this year, she filed a claim for a leak from her hot water tank in her attic, which she thinks may have led to this incident.

But according to the letter Allstate sent, they told her the damage to her bedroom ceiling is not covered, implying the damage may be due to wear and tear or deterioration.

Webb said her home was built in 1947.

"You see the water," Webb said. "It's proof. You can see it on the wood, and you can see it on the sheet-rock."

Webb said she reached out to two third-party companies to inspect the damage. She said both said there is some water damage.

In a memo she was sent, one of the agents said upon inspection that while no moisture was present, water spots were found on the ceiling joints.

Webb said she hopes Allstate will take responsibility, but until then, she's left with a lifeless room and an apology.

"Fifty-two years, and it doesn't mean anything to them," Webb said.

WREG reached out to Allstate, and they said they’re looking into Webb’s case but did not give any more information.


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