Memphis woman attacked and robbed in her driveway

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Of all the ways to start a new year, what follows is one of the worst.

A Berclair woman was attacked and robbed after pulling into the driveway of her home on Rossiland Circle shortly after the clock turned to midnight, welcoming in a new year.

Police said the woman was getting out her car when a man came up demanding money. She had some money in her purse but told him she didn’t, and when she grabbed her bag, he punched her, forcing her, she says, to hand over $150. He ran off after that, leaving her with a bruised eye and swollen cheek.

Cierra Harris lives next door, and what happened breaks her heart.

“I would have been terrified but also a punch, a punch is definitely horrible, but just imagine if it was more than a punch,” Harris said. “Imagine if he would have killed her. I mean, I have three children here, so to hear that, it actually scares me. It makes me feel like well, I have to up security.”

WREG knocked on the victim’s door, but she wasn’t home. Harris said the woman’s a kind person who’s always willing to lend a hand.

“To hear that they were just bringing in the New Year, and something like this happened, it’s just sad,” Harris said.

And it has her on alert.

“We have to make sure that we keep ourselves safe and keep each other safe,” Harris said.

Police are still searching for that robber.

“I mean, there are a million jobs you can find here in Memphis,” Harris said. “There are leaves you can rake for money. There are so many ways you can make money, but to rob somebody and to harm somebody in their home, in the vicinity of their home, just anywhere and make them feel like they’re unsafe to come outside, that’s the worst.”

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