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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Several AT&T workers took to the streets in protest Friday after they say a manager held up a noose inside the Memphis warehouse where they work, but never faced any discipline.

Employees say the manager who held up that noose last September is white, but African-Americans make up 95 percent of the workforce in the warehouse.

“He didn’t get a suspension. He didn’t get anything,” Forklift Operator Robin Johnson said.

AT&T employees say their manager, Bruce, made a noose using a forklift safety rope and according to them, it was caught on surveillance video.

They said Bruce tied a slip knot and pointed it in the direction of two managers, who are African American.

An AT&T spokesperson sent a statement saying, “When this was brought to our attention in September we took it seriously and did a prompt and thorough investigation. There was no noose hung in the warehouse. And we found absolutely no evidence of any intent to threaten or discriminate against anyone.”

Employees involved say they feel like their feelings don’t matter.

“It’s pretty much a lot of people who are afraid of him out here,” Johnson said.

The warehouse employees say they made complaints to the company’s ethics board, labor department and corporate headquarters but nothing was done.

That’s why they decided to start protesting three days ago and plan to continue.

They are in the process of moving to a new building in Southaven, and would like to see something change before the move.

WREG reached out to that manager named Bruce Friday morning to get his side of the story, but have not heard back from him.