Memphis Teachers Fight in Front of Students 

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(Memphis) One teacher has resigned and another is suspended without pay pending a hearing by human resources after a brawl in front of students. 

The slapping match went down last week at Knight Road Elementary School. 

According to a police affidavit, Barbara Bennett was upset that Sharon Holland fussed at some of her students.

Holland told police Bennett came into her class angry about the confrontation.

Then they went out in the hall and got into a fight.

It’s unclear who started the fight but police say the women pushed, shoved, hit, punched and slapped each other. 

You’ve probably seen the billboards when you drive around town, or maybe the ads at the movie theater, that say ‘I Teach I Am.’

Bennett is a part of that program.  

MCS says Bennett’s ads are used as a frame work for teacher recognition. 

Tiffany Smith says she and Sharon holland need to practice what they preach, “It’s hard for teachers to expect children to follow the rules if they can’t do it themselves. They need to lead by example.”

Rea Buckley is the mother of twins, and lives just around the corner from knight road elementary, “I’ve never heard anything like this. I don think teachers and adults should conduct themselves like that.”

A MCS spokesperson says some students did see the fight, but they’re not sure how many. 

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