Memphis Sports Hall of Fame inducts its first 22 members

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MEMPHIS — Just a few months ago, the Memphis Sports Hall of Fame announced its inaugural class.

Thursday night was induction night for this who’s who of Memphis sports icons.

From the old.

“I am 101 years old, ” said LeMoyne Owen coaching great Jerry Johnson.

To the current.

“I am so proud to be here. It’s a beautiful night. Thinking about Coach Finch, trying not to get emotional because I would have loved for him to see this himself. Same thing with coach Robinson,” said Penny Hardaway.

This night honoring the best Memphis sports had to offered. This class headlined by names like Hardaway, Larry Finch and Isaac Bruce to name a few.

“When you are honored and represented by your own city I think that is bigger than anything that can be offered to you. So just to be honored in a city where I played my college football at and was a citizen here for a couple years is humbling,” said Bruce, a Super Bowl winner with the St. Louis Rams.

“I’ve never really left Memphis, I feel like I am as close to it now and it’s as close to me as it’s ever been,” said baseball great Tim McCarver.

You know where there is Larry there was Ronnie. There was no Ronnie without Larry. No Larry without Ronnie. And the fact too that coach Verties Sails is in this group, one of his coaches and mentors, he would just be smiling and just wonder that is a great honor,” said Emma Robinson, the wife of former Tiger great Ronnie Robinson.

This bicentennial class will probably be the largest group to ever be inducted with it’s 22 members.

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