University of Memphis postpones adding in-person classes after second COVID-19 cluster


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The University of Memphis said Tuesday it will not add in-person classes next week as scheduled, after two recent clusters of COVID-19 cases.

Health officials confirmed a second cluster of cases at the University of Memphis, separate from the cases connected to the school’s football team.

Chief of Epidemiology David Sweat did not specify a number of cases in the second cluster, or specify how they might be connected, saying it was still being investigated.

Sweat said the cases were a group of students who shared activities and “training,” but were not all connected to the football team and were not all connected to a specific residence. He did not say whether they were athletes in a different sport.

In a statement on the school’s website, the University of Memphis announced it will not increase the density at its campus. Originally, U of M planned on adding more face-to-face classes next week but decided to hold off in order to prevent any spread of the virus.

“A target date for the next review will be the beginning of October at the earliest,” the U of M said in its release.

The University of Memphis said the following via a press release:

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