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(Memphis)  With ceremony and reflections on times past,  Memphis made history Wednesday afternoon on a street in downtown Memphis formerly known as Linden Avenue.

It has now been renamed Dr. Martin Luther King Junior Avenue, in honor of the slain civil rights 44 years after he was killed supporting sanitation workers in Memphis.

The Reverend James Netters addressed a crowd gathered at the street name unveiling, “Unlike 1968 which was one of the saddest hour in my life, this is one of the happiest hours in my life. This should be a happy moment in your life as well because he deserves all we can give, all we can say about him,”

Netters was a Memphis City Council Member back in 1968 when Dr. King came to Memphis.

Many can’t believe, in the city where Dr. King took his last breath, there has until now been no street in his name, especially since hundreds of cities across the country have already done street honors.

Former City Councilman Berlin Boyd,  who was behind the street name push, says you can’t go back, just forward, “I think today marks the day the Memphis is burying the guilt of Dr..King’s assassination for the resurrection of change and hope in our city once more.”

Now those traveling the same road where Dr. King once marched will have a reminder of what was and what is still to be done.

“It’s great to be here and be a part of history. We learn about it in school but it’s  different when you are here to see it for yourself,” says 17-year-old Mattie Mountain.

“Keep striving. Keep going. Don’t stop anything is possible,” says 17-year-old Favian Effinger.

The Reverend James Netters says back in 1971 when he was on the Memphis City Council, they tried to get a street named after Dr. King, but they could only get a portion of Brooks Avenue.

The entire length of Linden Avenue will now be named Dr. M.L. King Jr. Avenue.