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(Memphis) What happened at a South Memphis intersection August 13, 2013,  has turned into a big headache for Doris McCullar of Southaven

Her son, Kenny Moss, says it’s stress his mom doesn’t need.

“It’s stressed her out a whole lot.  We’re trying to make ends meet right now,” says Moss.

His mom’s  gray Ford  F-150  truck is at the center of it all.

A red light camera snapped pictures of a truck rolling through a red light at Shelby Drive and Lamar.

The truck is the same make, but clearly red in color. The Mississippi tag is DB-8699.

Moss says it’s clearly not his mom’s truck.

The digits on the tags are spaced different. His mom’s  car tag is DB8-699. The vehicle caught on  camera has the digits DB-8699, and also has a handicap decal.

Still, Doris McCullar  got a citation in the mail saying she ran the red light and must cough up $50 for the ticket.

“You can clearly see it’s a gray 4-door F-150. Both of the tags are completely different. The company is still fighting against it, still trying to demand payment after we asked them to investigate it,” says Moss.

“They need to foolproof things so this does not happen to anybody else. Lord knows how many people in the city of Memphis go through the same thing we are going through,” he says.

We called American Traffic Solutions, the company that runs the cameras for Memphis.

A representative admitted there have been discrepancies  before, but citations are reviewed by a processor and Memphis Police.

We have contacted Memphis Police about that.

So far we haven’t received a reply.

For now, McCullar’s citation  still stands and must be paid by September 19.