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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis is being recognized for its ability to quickly move products all over the world. The Bluff City is now ranked #1 in U.S. and global logistics by “Business Facilities Magazine”, a leading publication in commerce.

Experts attribute Memphis’s rise to the pandemic and boom in online shopping. They cite the city’s ability to ship items fast by ground, air, river and rail.

“Memphis can move anything anywhere in the world efficiently,” Ted Townsend with the Greater Memphis Chamber said, “You know, we have the fifth largest inland port in the U.S. We have the third busiest trucking corridor in the U.S. and now, the busiest air cargo airport in the world.”

“This is really unprecedented,” Townsend added, “The fact that we are ranked number one at the metro level and at the global level that’s going to turn a lot of eyes.”

That includes new businesses that might be enticed to come to Memphis.

“Ninety-five percent of the world’s GDP is within 72 hours of Memphis. That’s staggering, and you combine that with the fact that 75 percent of the U.S. is within a two day drive,” Townsend said, “Memphis is truly connected to the world. That’s why we are an optimal choice.”

Bill Dunavant runs Dunavant Enterprises, a prominent supply chain company in Memphis. He says growth like this means more jobs for local residents.

“You’ve got some great distribution companies here with Nike, with William Sonoma,” he said, “It’s exciting to see what’s happening in America and, in particular, what’s happening in Memphis.”

Townsend says he’s confident Memphis will hold on to that #1 ranking for a long time.