Memphis pothole work holding up in the rain, for now


Experts say the pothole problem could get worse.

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis crews paused pothole work Wednesday while it rained most of the day.

WREG checked in on the intersection at Highland and Walnut Grove where crews had filled a pothole Tuesday. The mix appeared to hold up to rain and traffic.

“I do see the city is working to try get it right,” Eddie Starks said.

But some disagreed.

“It might be there now because they just put it in 24 hours ago but it’s not gonna last,” Beverly Denham said.

A former construction expert agreed with Denham and told WREG the city is not laying down a binder to keep the mixture in place. It’s also not compressing the mixture enough.

But officials said they’re doing the best they can in a Southern city that had an unusually cold winter.

“I haven’t been here that long and that’s the first time I’ve felt it that cold and snow here,” Tiffany Denham said. “I think it’s a start. They’re starting to hear people and maybe caring a little more.”

“I also know some people who are subcontractors for the city to fix potholes. They’re working at it,” Starks said.

City officials said their crews will be back out once the rain clears. They reminded people to report potholes to 311 via the website or app to help them respond.

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