Memphis Police urge you to ‘Stow It, Don’t Show It,’ especially when it comes to guns


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Since the beginning of the year, there have been about 6,000 car burglaries in Memphis, and police want you to be safe when you’re out an about in this holiday season.

As always, they’re touting their “Stow It, Don’t Show It” campaign, encouraging you to either hide or remove any valuables from your car.

Everything from computers and cell phones to cash has been taken from c ars this year. Police say it’s happening a lot in shopping centers, hotels and motels and apartment complexes.

But there’s one thing that’s stolen that causes special concern for Memphis Police — guns.

“They aren’t just sellable, they’re usable, and usable for other things robberies and homicides and other crimes,” said Col. Darrell l. Sheffield.

Police ask if you do carry your weapon in your vehicle, keep it secure. Each precinct has cable locks for guns,  or you can buy an inexpensive lock box.

Police also remind you to never to leave your car running, whether you’re just getting gas or heating up your car in the morning.  


Source: More than 100 vehicles broken into overnight; fire station among targets

More than a dozen vehicles broken into while owners were working

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