Memphis police to stop issuing citations for expired vehicle tags during pandemic

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SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. — With the Shelby County Clerk’s Office closed due to coronavirus, many people are driving around with expired tags.

That’s why Memphis Police aren’t issuing citations for expired tags for the moment.

Memphis City Council members noted Tuesday people are already dealing with so much right now, they didn’t want them riding around in fear of getting a citation as well.

Council member J.B. Smiley Jr. said many Memphians have expired tags and vehicle registrations with no way to renew them due to office closures prompted by coronavirus.

He reached out to the police department for ways to ensure people won’t be penalized because of that.

They agreed to put something in place locally that expands on the governor’s executive order. 

“The police department has agreed to basically put a moratorium on issuing citations, period, up to an indefinite date,” Smiley said. “It’s beneficial to people, and it’s something that’s needed, especially during these times.”

This won’t change your renewal date in the future.

It’s designed to help with the current closures due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Council member Smiley said he’s working on something similar for expired handicap decals as well.

City council will continue to reevaluate this as the coronavirus pandemic continues.

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