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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Police have arrested one person and are looking for up to a dozen more in a train heist in South Memphis Monday afternoon.

Investigators said officers caught 10-12 males in the act, loading large TVs into an SUV and pickup truck in the 700 block of Porter Street.

More than forty 60-inch and 75-inch TV’S were removed from a CSX boxcar. A number of them were found stacked in the treeline near the train.

Police said the suspects left behind their vehicles and their loot when they saw officers coming. However, after a brief foot chase, police took Vincent Brown, 21, into custody. Brown is now facing charges of burglary, theft of property, and evading arrest.

Vincent Brown

The boxcar burglary comes nearly six months after eight people were arrested in a similar theft involving a CSX train. In that case, police were seen removing several 60-inch televisions from a home on Preston.

Investigators said the TVs were stolen from a CSX boxcar and said they also found a stolen truck, $4,700 in cash, multiple weapons, and 200 grams of marijuana at the house.

Several people, including minors, arrested in South Memphis as part of stolen property investigation

Last week, police arrested a man they said was trying to steal televisions from a CSX train at South Willett and York Avenue in Midtown.

Police said Antonio Swindle and another man were parked in a dead-end near the railroad tracks and were seen loading items into their vehicles. Officers said they found four TVs in the street where the men’s vehicles had been parked and discovered six boxcars had been forced open. They are still looking for the other suspect.

Antonio Swindle

Police said the Samsung TV’s thieves tried to make off with Monday are worth about $60,000.

Officers also recovered a gray Chevrolet Silverado stolen on Sunday and a 2011 Infiniti with a Tennessee drive-out tag.

Brown, who was arrested in 2019 for the theft of several cars from the Memphis International Airport and the burglary of a Budget Rental, is being held on a $40,000 bond. Brown will go before a judge on Monday.

If you know anything about the other suspects, you are urged to call CrimeStoppers at (901)528-CASH.