Memphis Police say no homicides reported in city over the weekend


Some see it as a positive sign during record year for violence

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Police said Monday there were zero homicides reported in the city over the weekend.

It’s good news in a year when Memphis has already recorded a record number of homicides by late September.

MPD said they responded to some incidents across the city, but none of them were deadly. Memphis Police Association President Essica Cage said she welcomes the good news.

“When we talk about the violence right now in the city, not only do the victims, families, and survivors have to deal with that. You know you talk about first responders who are the first ones to the scene and have to see this,” Cage said. “It makes me a little bit hopeful that maybe this will start a new trend.”

Cage said having a weekend that is homicide-free is vital for everyone’s morale. Additionally, she said officers can focus on other calls when there are no homicides to attend to.

“Officers are responding to these calls they’re still dealing with everything else going on- the interstate shootings, traffic fatalities. It’s been a really difficult year,” Cage said.

Cage said the city going without any homicides over the weekend should be the norm. But she said for Memphis, especially this year, that is just not the case. Nevertheless, she said it is important to highlight the positives and hopefully the trend will continue.

“If we haven’t had anything that is something to be celebrated,” Cage said. “I know that’s the way it’s supposed to be but in the year that we’ve had we have to promote the positive.”

Delvin Lane, of 901 Bloc Squad, agreed with Cage. He said he is hopeful this could be the start of a new trend in the Bluff City.

Lane said this could be the key to making Memphis a major city that is nonviolent.

“This weekend could be the start and foundation to building non-violence in our city. So we have to take small steps,” Lane said. “You can’t run a marathon at full speed. You have to take off jogging as a good pace and as we continue to keep our pace up hopefully one weekend, two and two will be three and three, four.”

Additionally, Memphis Police said another way you can help them address violence is by speaking up if you know something.

You can do that by calling Crimestoppers at 901-528-CASH.

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