Memphis Police Officer Patrolling Without Drivers License

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(Memphis) –  The On Your Side Investigators spent the day digging to learn more about the latest Memphis cop suspended without pay. 23 year-old Brandon Woodson drove the streets of Memphis stopping people for driving without a license.

It’s the same crime he committed for almost a year.    

Officer Woodson has his drivers license back now but only after driving around and patrolling the streets of his precinct for a year without them.

“It looked like they were racial profiling because they rode past me, then they bust a u-turn and then they pulled me over,” said Vato, Orange Mound.

Vato says the first thing the cop asked for was his license and registration.

He is an entertainer for Rapper Yo Gotti and lives near the Memphis police airways precinct where Woodson patrols.

Driving without a license is a particularly sensitive topic in the predominately African American neighborhood.

When he found out one of precinct’s own, Woodson, did the same thing for almost a year, Vato had plenty to say.

“They should have a license if they want everybody else to have a license. If you don’t have a license, they’ll write you a citation or maybe take you to jail,” Vato said.

The police department found out Woodson didn’t have a license when the off duty cop in his own car he hit a squad car.

A license check revealed it was suspended. MPD told us it checks an officer’s driving record once a year but it’s not a written policy.

The on your side investigators found out Woodson’s license was suspended since October 23, 2011. That’s just three weeks shy of a year. Some citizens say that’s not often enough.

JoAnn Wilson said, “Don’t you think they need to be continuing to be checking on them to see that they don’t make mistakes like you or I go out and probably make a mistake.

I think they should be checked.”

The police department hasn’t said why officer Woodson’s driver’s license was suspended but we found he plead guilty to speeding in April of 2009, a year before he joined the force. It’s not known when he paid the ticket.

“I thought all cops would have their license the way they are around here speeding and chasing people and the way they be pulling me over checking me about my license,” said Vato.

The department says they will schedule a hearing soon to decide if the officer will be disciplined for driving around a year without a  license.

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