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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — People who live along Pontotoc in Downtown Memphis woke up to find car windows smashed on Tuesday morning.

People who live in the area said they believe the break-ins happened overnight. Victims said at least a dozen cars were hit. Now, they are hoping cameras in the area will help police catch those responsible.

Latonya Houston said she woke up to a phone call from a neighbor telling her the bad news.

“I rushed out and initially just in shock,” Houston said. ” I park on the street regularly, and I’ve never had any problems.”

Houston said she is dealing with the annoyance of fixing the broken window, and at the same time she said from what she can tell the vandals didn’t take anything. She also said she never heard any car alarms go off.

 “They had actually taken all of the items out of my center console, and they were spread out over the driver’s seat. They didn’t appear to go in the back of my vehicle or in my glove compartment,” Houston said.

Houston said she spoke with others whose cars were broken into and said all of them mentioned nothing of value was taken from their cars either. She said it is just a sad situation overall.

WREG-TV attempted to ask Memphis Police for more information about the break-ins. We were given a police report number, but so far the report is not ready. We’ll let you know when we learn more.