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HORN LAKE, Miss. — They are the things responsible gun owners do, keep their guns locked when they are not in use.

Now gun manufacturers are making it easy. New guns have automatic safety and lock features.

On older guns you have to take an extra step and buy the locks to put on them.

At Bull Frog Corner Pawn and Gun in Horn Lake, they sell plenty of the locks.

“If it is loaded there is no way they can actually fire it. The barbed wire on it keeps everything in tact,” says Derek Hines, who works at Bull Frog Corner Pawn and Gun.

Memphis Police now give away gun locks. Gun owners can drop in at any precinct and get one for free, but with the rash of kids getting their hands on guns just this past weekend, the message is not reaching everyone.

With an abundance of stolen guns on the street, many are being bought without locks even considered, proving tragic when they get in the wrong hands.

“If you have kids in your home, you have to have some kind of safety there so nobody won’t get hurt, “said Hines.

Keep in mind there is a difference between a gun safety and a gun lock. On a safety, the child can still flip up the safety and have access to the trigger. On a gun lock, the child can’t.

Monday Memphis Police held a gun safety session to get out the point that gun owners have to do more, take responsibility and keep kids safe.