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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Police Chief CJ Davis announced that her department, the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office and the Tennessee Highway Patrol have partnered to tackle crime on Mid-South roadways.

During a news conference Tuesday, Davis said she met with each agency to discuss the ongoing problems on our interstates like shootings, street racing and speeding. The groups came up with its own course of action, and Davis said they have dedicated manpower and resources to making our streets safer.

“Our intention is to return a sense of order to the streets of Memphis,” said Memphis Police Chief CJ Davis.

Davis is calling in reinforcements after an increase of interstate shootings and reports of drag racing. She’s expanding the “Slow Down” Memphis campaign with one goal: making sure people feel safe driving again.

“It’s alarming. It’s scary to individuals who are not trained to navigate the roads and we feel we need to do something about it,” said Davis.

Authorities would not provide any specific details on what SLOW DOWN Memphis would entail, saying criminals did not need to know when and where they would be. However, they said their goal is to make sure our streets are safer.

“We’re trying to discourage that brazenness and return our streets to a place where people feel safe,” said Davis.

But that’s not all officers will be looking out for.

In addition to an increase in fake drive out tags. MPD is concerned about an increase in reports of drag racing and not just on the highways.

Earlier this week, they received reports of 20-30 cars racing in a neighborhood.

“That recklessness that comes along with drag racing is very concerning especially for individuals that are just commuting to and from,” said Davis.

This year, 77 shootings have been reported on interstates in Memphis with 16 people shot. Warrants have been issued for 12 people so far.

Chief Davis says this won’t be a one and done operation but will last several months.

They will also work with the DA’s office to ensure those wreaking havoc on our highways are prosecuted as much as the law allows.