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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Bullets flying on our interstates is a problem that concerns drivers and our new police chief.

So much so, she’s meeting with the Highway Patrol on Wednesday to develop a plan to address it. Memphis Police Chief CJ Davis says while violence has increased during the pandemic, the problems on our interstates didn’t start then but she wants to address it and that starts with calling in reinforcements.

“I think we’ve started to see a bit of an increase more and more of the level of brazenness, even on our freeways, as we talk about interstate shootings,” said Davis.

Memphis police have responded to at least 68 interstate shootings this year. It’s unfamiliar territory for our city’s newest police chief.

Memphis interstate shooting tracker

“That’s something that’s never been heard of before,” said Davis.

Her desire to address safety on our interstates and highways is leading her to the Tennessee Highway Patrol for a meeting this week.

“That’s a meeting where we will be discussing how state resources can help us in our community on our interstates,” said Davis.

Mayor Strickland has previously called for more troopers on the interstates to deter this kind of violence which is something that could be apart of this week’s discussions with highway patrol commanders.

“We could always use more troopers. I’m waiting just to see exactly what their situation is and being considerate of what there manpower needs are,” said Davis.

As that happens, Chief Davis says she plans to work with THP to address other concerns on our interstates and highways that endanger lives such as speeding and racing.

“We plan to crackdown on traffic because we want to save lives,” said Davis.

Chief Davis say Wednesday’s meeting is with the highway patrol is just the start.

She plans to meet with Sheriff Floyd Bonner on ways each agency can increase interstate safety.