Memphis Police asking for help in possible child abduction near airport

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Police are asking for the public's help to identify a child who was possibly abducted near the airport Tuesday evening.

Police said around 5:45 p.m. that a person reported a possible child abduction in the 5000 block of Airways. Officers were told a car pulled over, and a man got out of a car and picked up a child from the side of the road.

Police said the child, who appeared to be a boy around 12 years old, possibly biracial or Hispanic and wearing dark clothing, was picked up by a person in a black Nissan. Three people were reportedly in the vehicle.

After the child was put in the car, the car drove south on Airways.

Police found a backpack in the area of where the possible abduction happened and were able to trace that backpack to a home address.

When officers responded to that home, they found a man and his son. The child was unharmed. The man told officers the backpack was his son's, but his child was not the one seen on Airways.

Memphis Police said they are not sure if this is a child abduction or if the child was picked up by a guardian or family member. They sent a helicopter and a canine unit to the 5000 block of Airways and checked the area, but could not find any more evidence of an abduction, more witnesses or the suspects' vehicle.

Police said no missing persons reports have been filed for a child who fits the description.

Memphis Police hope someone who was in the area can contact them with any more evidence of an abduction.

If it was a parent who picked up their child, police are hoping that parent can let them know. If that is not the case and a child was abducted, any family missing their child who fits this description should call police immediately.

Alexis Pride, manager of the Hair Escape Lounge at the corner of Airways and Holmes Road, said her employees told her about the heavy police presence in this area Tuesday evening during the search.

"My employees said they seen police everywhere," she said. "They seen them in the bushes and looking over in the apartments."


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